Visualize graphs and play with queries to understand your data

Memgraph Lab is a visual user interface that helps you explore and manipulate the data stored in Memgraph. Visualize graphs, execute ad hoc queries, and optimize their performance.

Visualize your graph data

Visualize and interact with your graph data to better understand your results and extract insights. Memgraph Lab can also visualize geospatial data by automatically detecting nodes that have numerical  lat  and  lng  properties.

Memgraph Lab visualize your graph data
Memgraph Lab execute and optimaze your queries

Execute and optimize your queries

Profile and optimize your Cypher queries by analyzing diagnostic information and execution plan details. This way, you can detect errors in your queries and construct more efficient execution plans.

Understand your schema

Get a better understanding of your models by creating visual representations of schema objects. Learn about the structure of your network and find out which properties are included in your nodes and relationships.

Memgraph Lab understand your schema
Memgraph Lab implement custom procedures in Python

Implement custom procedures in Python

Memgraph Lab lets you implement and manage custom procedures called query modules. You can extend the Cypher query language with procedures written in Python, C/C++, and Rust.

Analyze data streams

Create and manage transformation modules that enable you to stream real-time data directly into Memgraph. Connect to sources such as Apache Kafka, Apache Pulsar, and Redpanda.

Memgraph Lab analyze data streams
Applications, not Analytics

Memgraph Lab helps you visualize and optimize the data stored in Memgraph

Memgraph Lab was created as part of Memgraph — an open-source platform for graph computation on streaming data that includes a suite of ecosystem tools like MemgraphDB, a graph database, MAGE, a graph algorithm library, and more.

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Lab Features

Execute Cypher queries

Visualize and explore graphs by querying your data in MemgraphDB.

Cypher IntelliSense support

Write Cypher queries with the help of code completion, quick info, and member lists.

Graph schema detection

Learn how your data is connected and what the graph model looks like.

Custom query modules

Memgraph Lab lets you write and manage custom procedures implemented in Python.

Inspect Memgraph Logs

Inspect logs directly from Memgraph Lab instead of searching for log files on servers.

Custom window layouts

Design your own layout with split-screen views.

Analyze data streams

Create streams and transformation modules for analyzing real-time data.

Import and export data

Import and export graph data in the form of Cypher queries.

Load predefined datasets

Load datasets directly from Memgraph Lab in order to get started quickly.

Graph Style Script (GSS)

Style your graphs by using the Graph Style Script language.


Learn how to style your graphs in Memgraph Lab

Customize the look of your graph data by using the Graph Style Script language. It allows you to style labels, colors, and images of nodes and edges.

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Applications, not Analytics

Visualize graphs to better understand your data

Memgraph Lab helps you visualize and optimize the data stored in Memgraph

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